BootStrapCamp - The Mega Launch

Event Info

Thu 30 Jul, 2009 at 5:00pm
45, King William St
London, EC4R 9AN, UK (Map)
Cost: Free (have to RSVP through


BootStrap Camp is a community and online service built and supported by a network of entrepreneurs active in the digital sector in the UK.

BootStrap Camp has been set up to allow early-stage entrepreneurs & startups to connect with each other in order to help each other boot strap their businesses.

This is achieved with an online service ( & @bootstrapcamp) and events across the UK.

In simple terms the service enables entrepreneurs to list their needs (what they need to grow their business - eg: development) and their offers (what they can offer fellow members in terms of services - eg: design).

The service helps members locate other members whose offers match their needs and provides a simple but effective mechanism to enable members to help each other and in exchange earn BootStrap Credits which can then be used to purchase services from other members.

The concept of BootStrap Credits provides an effective solution to the problem that in most cases any two members are unlikely to having reciporicaly matching offers and needs.

The initial version of will be available to the community on the 30th July and you are invited to join your fellow BootStrappers at a a BootStrap Camp event in London for an evening of networking and specifically discussion on how to improve the service for the benefit of all.

To mark the ‘launch’ of BootStrap Camp we have teamed up with who are offering up to 25 weeks on Vorovoro (the Tribewanted Island in Fiji, South Pacific) in exchange for development, design and deployment services from BootStrap Camp members.

Members of BootStrap Camp who have BootStrap Credits (either by providing services for Tribewanted or other members) can exchange these at any time for weeks on the island. Ie: BootStrap Credits can be used to purchase a unique holiday/travel experience as well as purchase services from other members.


Tribewanted has spent the last three years building a cross-cultural community on the Fijian Island of Vorovoro.

1000 'tribe members' have participated in the project and thousands more have been involved with the story online.

Through the publicity the project has gained (BBC doc, book, national geographic cover story) people from all corners of the world have proposed that Tribewanted launch new projects on their land and in their communities.

The challenge is to develop the Tribewanted digital platform so that it can turn one island community into a global network of like-minded tribes and changemakers.

Develop for the tribe and go to Fiji:

Tribewanted Offers: 25 weeks on Vorovoro (25 credits)

Tribewanted is banking £5000 worth of island time at Bootstrap - that's 25 weeks on the beach or time on future Tribewanted projects - in exchange for help with developing Tribewanted online.

Developers wanted to turn (ruby) social network into platform to launch multiple tribes.

Key requirements to include:

1. Develop a system for new Tribewanted projects to apply, compete and be selected by the members

2. Develop a system of Tribewanted credits that can be earnt, bought and exchanged in return for time on Tribewanted projects

3. Develop a mobile application for sharing Tribewanted content and credits

Developers will be working directly with Ben Keene, founder of Tribewanted. See you on the beach!


BBC series: Paradise or Bust

Design & development July-October 2009.

Testing/beta November/December.

Launch Jan 2010


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