The Ultimate Power of Facebook - Webinar

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Thu 23 Jul, 2009 from 1:00pm - 2:00pm
virtual event
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The ultimate Power of Facebook A radical technology that is changing our world.

So where were you when you first heard about Facebook?

We’re serious. Facebook is that big. Every ten years, a radical new technology emerges that fundamentally changes our world. Facebook is that technology.

In fact, if social media were a mountain range, it’d look like a dozen or so bunny hills and one Mount Everest - Facebook. So how do you plant your company name on the peak and bring home the prize? (And it’s a very big prize, even in this economy.)

At this webinar we’ll uncover: • How to increase ROI by leveraging the power of social media • What the Facebook platform offers to the marketer • Campaigns and engagement models on Facebook • Real life case studies and success stories • How to facilitate and enable new and existing relationships

By the time you’re through here, you will be fully equipped to reach the summit.

Speakers Include: K. Alan Robbins, Facebook Product Manager, BOSSdev Ashley Lomas, Social Media Strategist, BOSSdev