On Cloud 9

Event Info

Tue 1 Sep, 2009 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
140 Milton Park
Oxford, OX14 4SE, UK (Map)
Cost: Free (Registration required)


Vista Squads Ray Booysen floats on his cloud into Oxford to talk about Windows Azure, without the aid of a safety net or a Hello World Sample. We'll also be having a nugget, some pizza and Swag - if we can find any!

If you are not a member of NxtGenUG, you are more than welcome to attend. We just ask you register on the site, to help us to plan numbers and refreshments. Once registered on the site, you can then register for this event from this page

Ray Booysen -  Azure: The Cirrus in your Nimbus

"Hello World" is banished in this talk on real-world Azure applications. Demonstrating how tables, blobs and queues have been used for actual in-use applications. We'll cover two applications, one WPF and another Silverlight demonstrating the use of Azure in solving the business problems that were hard to solve using traditional technologies. We'll end the evening converting a standard Silverlight application from an IIS and SQL Server solution into an Azure web role and table storage solution.



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