Iglab Christmas Special

Event Info

Fri 11 Dec, 2009 at 7:00pm
Bristol, UK (Map)
Cost: £5


It's the December iglab, jam-packed with more fun than a festive stocking. This months iglab is brought to you in collaboration with Calvium's Tom Melamed.

Games this month include; Subtle Spies, Tanks, Ninja's and Knightmare, before Christmas as well as Window Shenanigame at the Milk Bar and some ambient festive games throughout the evening.

Entry to iglab is £5.00

This months Games

Subtle Spies

Tom Melamed

All Players will be taking the role of Spies for this month's first game, through text message you need to subtley communicate your mission objectives but watch out - the computer mainframe hears and sees everything obvious.

All Players must be individually briefed and given game cards before the start of the game, please make your way to Cabot Circus' Pret a Manger between 7pm and 7.20pm, where three Spy Masters will brief you. Don't forget - you are a Spy and must try to be subtle at all times, so please do not approach a Spy Master if they are with someone and try hard not to be seen by other Spies.

This game uses sms game shouts; please bring your mobile phones with you with enough credit to send text messages.

Important Information

The Spy Masters will be in Cabot Circus' Pret a Manger (Unit SU50G, Cabots Circus, Bristol BS1 3BD) from 7pm - 7.20pm, they will be wearing dark glasses.

Unfortunately once this game has begun we will be unable to add any more players. If you arrive late please make your way to the bar in the Open Air German Market (by The Apple Store) and make yourself known to the Spy Master who will be positioned there. You will still be able to play our other games later on.


Tom Melamed

Enough of all this hippy nonsense - lets blow some things up. Two team must progress towards each other with jumping movements and take out the opposition with their tank turrets.


Tom Melamed

Bow to your enemy and try to defeat them with singular movements.

Knightmare, before Christmas

Helen Bentley

This game was inspired by the innovative Children's show 'Knightmare' but without the Virtual Reality; teams of four must firstly choose who will will wear the Helmet of Justice and then by humming only, guide their Dungeoneer around the floor maze. The Guides must insure the Dungeoneer does not step out of the play area and arrive at the end within the time limit.


iglab is interested in new games and old games, big games and small games, high tech games and no tech games, street games and grown up games.

We want you to have fun playing our Games, but we also want you to be safe and respect the property and rights of other people. You must not play any of the Games in a way that threatens, intimidates, harasses, demeans or bullies any player or member of the public, or in a way that is otherwise objectionable or unlawful.

We're only having fun after all.




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