Oldham Wired City Reconnected Event

Event Info

Thu 28 Jan, 2010 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
The City Learning Centre,
Hollinwood Ave
Cost: Free if booked online


Free event...with already 36 businesses registered and 20 calls for collaboration after 10 days promotion...are you interested the last few places

The Wired City Reconnected events are ‘collaborative’ networking events aimed at digital business interested in potential business collaborations or the chance to share and exchange ideas. The events are focus around 'calls for collaboration' where businesses seek out potential business partners...rather than just trying to listen to 'sales pitch' which is associated with traditional B2B networking.

The events are facilitated by Les and Immy, who will provide a bespoke matching & introduction service prior to the event. So whether your business has a current skills gap or you are looking to collaborate with others to meet new or current client’s needs, these events are for you.


The following registered businesses are looking to meet with businesses to exploring the following requests:

Collaboration 1: Two businesses in Oldham & Bury are wishing to meet freelance Web Coders working in PHP, HTML SQL, ASP and Flash

Collaboration 2: Blackpool SEO business (working in Google, Yahoo and Bing) seeks to collaborate with new media and branding companies

Collaboration 3: Oldham business wishes to meet with Hosting Providers and ISP’s businesses

Collaboration 4: North Manchester business seek to work with data centre businesses

Collaboration 5: Oldham bespoke software developers seeks to meet business who could collaborate with payment gateways and address validations

Collaboration 6: Oldham business seeks to meet business who could provide VoIP and SIP trunks solutions

Collaboration 7: Bury company looking to meet companies who create/support or supply CRM applications and interested in VoIP/CTI Integration"

Collaboration 8: Two businesses in North Manchester & Bury are wishes to meet with freelance SEO

Collaboration 9: Salford business wishes to talk with Copywriters specialist

Collaboration 10: Warrington business wishes to talk with businesses involved in mobile developments

Collaboration 11: Warrington business wishes to talk with business engaged in server side integration

Collaboration 12: Blackpool photographer seeks to collaborate with any new media, agencies or any other business wanting to update their portfolios or marketing with photography 

Collaboration 13: Bury business wishes to meeting creative designer to explore possible business collaborations

Collaboration 14: Warrington business is seeking to work with a PHP freelance to assist with current project (modification to be made to a bespoke CMS built in PHP and MySQL) which involves updating the search functionality with some quite advanced features whilst also adhering to our SEO guidelines.

Collaboration 15: Blackburn business looking for Oracle database programme expert / partner to assist with future application developments and CRM integration

Collaboration 16: North Manchester business is looking with work with potential partners whose clients are call centres or distribution centre. 
Collaboration 17: Manchester product design agency would be interested in meeting companies with strong marketing or networks with a view to collaborative ventures 
Collaboration 18: Warrington & North Manchester businesses wishes to talk with businesses involved in mobile developments 
Collaboration 19: Manchester panoramic photography specialist business seek to collaborate with marketing / pr agencies and/or web designers 
Collaboration 20: Manchester creative design studios seek collaborations with web developers / builders 


Wired City Reconnected events are all about making the best use of your time, through providing an invaluable networking opportunity.


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