Event Info

Fri 5 Feb, 2010 at 6:00pm
The Phoenix Arts Club
1 Phoenix Street, St Giles
London, WC2H 0DT, UK (Map)
Cost: Free (RSVP for numbers)


What is Geekdrinks? Geekdrinks is a meritocratic, open source, social drinking and "notworking" night for anyone in PR, marcomms, and media who considers themselves a geek and likes to have a drink.

Geekdrinks is:

  • A presentation, agenda and pitch-free zone.
  • Open to all.
  • Still firmly in beta.

What isn't Geekdrinks? Geekdrinks is not:

  • Invite-only.
  • Elitist.
  • Affiliated.

Social Media You can follow the Twitterfall by bunging the hashtag #geekdrinks into your favourite social media monitor application. Or join in by adding it to your Tweets.


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