MiniBar - Mobile Apps

Event Info

Fri 26 Mar, 2010 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Corbet Place
Truman Brewery
London, E1 6NH, UK (Map)
Cost: free


MiniBar March 26th - Mobile Apps
Sponsor: DCKTN

Following our special MiniBar on augmented reality we are focussing on 'mobile apps'. This is a sector full of opportunities prompting pundits to laud the arrival of the 'apps economy, which according to NESTA is expected to rise from £2.7Bn to £19Bn in 2013. While the iphone gets all the hype, we will ask what platforms one should develop on, what revenue models work best and how to market your app.

We have a selection of experienced industry speakers

AudioBoo - Mark Rock, CEO - AudioBoo let's you record and upload interviews (boos) almost instantly onto the web and is being used by such tech celebreties as Steven Fry and organizations such as Radio 4

RevelMob - Roman Gregorjev, CEO - a niche iPhone developer concentrating only on share-revenues schemes and joint ventures. They are due to launch several cool joint venture apps in the next few weeks (one with the in-house cartoonist of the Economist magazine!).

Margaret Gold - Margaret was the community manager for Vodafone Betavine and is now setting up a mobile innovation center at Imperial College with partnership opportunities for industry.

On the night we will also have 5 x 20 sec pitches where attendees can on the spot (on first come first serve basis) get on stage pitch their idea, company, app, product service, announce vacancies etc. The only rules are you need to say your name, company name and say something that is relevant to people at MiniBar.

Sponsor: DCKTN

Partners: Microsoft BizSpark, SUN Startup Essentials, Skillsmatter


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