Green:Net 2010

Event Info

Thu 29 Apr, 2010 from 8:30am - 6:30pm
Mission Bay Conference Center
1675 Owens Street
San Francisco, 94158, US (Map)
Cost: $495 - $695 (see website)


Green:Net 2010 examines how the tools created for the Internet, computing and IT revolutions will be crucial for fighting climate change.

Information and communications technologies could enable emissions reductions 15 percent below current amounts by 2020, the Climate Group has predicted. Whether you’re in a corporation wanting to learn about best green IT practices or an entrepreneur looking for your next venture, Green:Net in San Francisco is a must-attend event that will allow you to take away the best ideas and meet contacts and thinkers in this space. After a sold-out successful first event in 2009, Green:Net is back in April 2010. Get your ticket now!

Some of the topics under discussion at Green:Net 2010 include:

So the Smart Grid Will Be Huge, Now What?

When President Obama announced $3.4 billion in stimulus funds to add digital intelligence to the power grid at the end of 2009, the smart grid officially went mainstream. The market for the next-generation electrical system is predicted to grow to $210 billion over the next five years. Both startups born out of the IT world and large corporations that manufacture networking equipment will help utilities remake an infrastructure that has seen little innovation in the last century. The race is on! Who are the innovators, and what software and network technologies will usher in the next generation of the power grid?

The New Networked Car

IT tools are landing in the unlikeliest of places — even your vehicle. The next generation of electric cars, from Nissan’s LEAF to GM’s Volt to Tesla’s Roadster, will fuel up from the power grid, and the charge will be controlled by software and a utility data center. Startups are building the systems now — are the big automakers ready? Is the next major mobile technology platform your car?

Carbon Policy Is Coming, and Software Is Gonna Save You

Software and databases are good at organizing a whole lot of information. That’s why your company will be turning to the vast amount of new carbon software and energy tracking tools to monitor and manage the supply chain and business processes. You have no choice — international and soon U.S. regulations say you have to track that carbon and cut some of it out. Will we see the emergence of new software giants in this space?

Home Energy Management Face-off

Will home and building owners be interested in changing their behavior to cut energy consumption or will utilities have to do it for them? Something has to happen to meet the carbon reductions requirements, and in a recession, less energy used is money saved. Who are the innovators, players and trends in the home energy management space?

Switching Atoms for Bits: The Web and Dematerialization

Of course you bought a Kindle — it’s the latest must-have broadband-connected gadget for the early adopter set. But did you know that one Kindle on average can displace the buying of about 22.5 physical books and deliver an estimated savings of 168 kg of CO2 per year? Similar types of savings happen with the switch from CDs to digital music, as well with tools like video conferencing being used to replace face-to-face meetings. Which digital goods will have a real impact, which are hype, and how do we measure all of this stuff?

Dot-com Investors Turn to Cleantech

The investors who funded the Internet wave are now leading investments in cleantech firms. But the industries are vastly different, requiring different skill sets, longer time lines and more money. Get a map of the opportunities and the funds chasing deals at this session.

Energy-Efficient Data Centers: Save Money and the Planet

Computing can help us fight climate change, but it’s also a huge user of electricity. Servers alone were responsible for using five times the national power requirement of a nation like Sweden. How are computing giants making data centers and networks more energy-efficient? What are the impacts, and what can be done to make corporate IT more green responsible?

Our schedule and our speaker list is increasing daily. Green:Net 2010 promises to be another knockout success. Be sure to register for your ticket early.


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