The Next Web '10

Event Info

Tue 27 - Thu 29 Apr, 2010 from 12:30pm - 6:30pm
Amsterdam, NL (Map)
Cost: EUR 450-999 (see website)


The fifth edition of The Next Web is coming up in April. We’re looking forward to welcome 1200 web professionals for 3 days of interesting talks, business and fun at The Next Web in the city we love so much; Amsterdam.
This year there is a bonus. Right after the conference it is Queensday, a national holiday and the biggest party in the Netherlands. 17 million people dress in Orange and go out on the streets to have fun, party and to celebrate the anniversary of our Queen. It doesn’t matter where I (Patrick) am in the world, I fly back to Amsterdam for Queensday. It is an experience you must have done and you’ll never forget. We hope to share that with you this year.

Who’s joining us? The Next Web conference is known as one of the best networking events in Europe. We’ll welcome a blend of decision makers from the European & American Internet scene, technology entrepreneurs, start-ups, innovators, along with venture capitalists, industry journalist, bloggers, and senior level executives.
The Next Web is essential for anyone who is interested in the future of business.
We’ll see you at The Next Web 2010.

The Next Web Vibe explained

  • The Next Web invites speakers and entrepreneurs to share their views on the Internet industry and the future of the Web. No sales pitches.
  • The Next Web cannot be compared with any other conference out there. It is an experience.
  • We want you to leave with at least 10 times the value you invested in the conference. Therefore we put a lot of effort in creating an inspiring and fun atmosphere.
  • We don’t give away free conference passes (exceptions for industry press can be found here). Everybody has the same incentive to get the most out of the conference.
  • All participants, speakers and organizers are easily approachable and open for new business opportunities and fun stories. There are no VIP rooms during parties: TNW people love to get in touch with each other.
  • All Next Webbers are passionate about the web. The web is the main driver for our businesses.
  • We supply a conference business network, so you can see who else is coming, search for potential new business contacts and make appointments during the conference. If used correctly you’ll get those extra contacts you miss out on other conferences.
  • It is a very intensive conference full of interesting and inspiring talks and networking events and parties. Expect to be exhausted after your trip to TNW and Amsterdam.
  • This year we have an extra bonus. Right after the conference it is Queensday; a must attend in life. We hope to see many next webbers in orange during Queensday.
  • The Next Web is the very best networking conference, period.

The Next Web Startup Rally Every year 25 companies get the chance to launch their new startup/product or service in front of the best audience in the world. No costs are involved for the startups. They do have to go through two jury rounds and interviews before they are selected. Read more and join the Rally with your company.



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