Being-Social '10

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Thu 13 May, 2010 from 1:00pm - 7:00pm
Central London
London, UK (Map)
Cost: £195 + VAT


Although Social Media morphs daily, what is clear is that it is here to stay. Organisations that ignore it do so at their peril. They are missing an opportunity to engage directly with customers, gain feedback in real-time and build significant value.

Being Social ‘10 is a half-day conference & masterclass that will provide marketing, advertising, PR and corporate communications executives with the know-how necessary to develop, execute and manage a social media strategy that delivers value.

“A fantastic and unmissable event, with some great minds and a perfect opportunity to discuss an area that is fast becoming essential to everyday work and play” Sarah Beeny – Founder of

In an afternoon packed with insightful and instructive case-studies delivered by digital media specialists and clients at the helm of social media initiatives you’ll learn where to start, what to do, what works, what doesn’t, and what tools to use. Our aim is to make you social media savvy by sunset!

The afternoon is divided into 3 sections specifically designed to help you understand:
How is social media  is changing – what’s possible now,
How to develop a Social Media strategy and execution plan,
How to establish your ROI – accountability & measurement,
Bonus Panel: Social Media in Politics.

1. How is Social Media changing – what’s possible now?
A look at how the Social Media landscape is changing and what will soon be possible. Amongst other things, we’ll be examining the importance of context – how are you accessing social media?, what part does location & timing play?, what part do real friends & virtual friends play? etc

2. Strategy & Execution
Developing a strategy: What are your business objectives? Which of them can be addressed by current social media initiatives?

Execution Plan: Choosing the right tools, platforms & resources to execute & manage that plan (monitoring, engagement, promotion)

3. ROI: holding Social Media accountable
How does Social Media ROI work?
- Campaign ROI  – click thoughs, conversions, etc over a specific activity period.
- Building long terms assets – ie things for which the value accrues over time
(e.g. better google ranking, building up a facebook group, etc.)
Meaningful Measurement:
- What you’re measuring (e.g. sentiment, influencers, reach) & why
- Which tools to use

4. Bonus Track: Social Media & Politics
Given the timing of the election we are also feature a special political panel to analyse how social media was used to ‘win’ (and lose) the election.
Whoever wins the election it’s clear this election is going to be the 1st ’social media election’.

Being-Social is not ‘another social media conference’ – it’s a practical guide and insight at how your organisation should be using social media to create value.


1:00 Registration  

1:45 Opening Remarks Simon Grice & Tony Fish


How is Social Media changing & what’s possible now?

2:00 Speaker: Mat Morrison

  Speaker: Small pieces of life, loosely joined Chris Thorpe

  Speaker: The Death of Advertising David Cushman

  Speaker: Andrew Davis

  Speaker: Antony Mayfield

  Speaker: Social Media – the inside track Benjamin Ellis

2:30 Q&A  

3:00 Demos  


Strategy & Execution

3:05 Speaker: Joanne Jacobs

3:15 Speaker: Social Media in Retail Dominic Burch

Panel: Social Media Strategy & Execution Andrew Gerrard

  Gemma Went

  Kristian Carter

  James Poulter



3:50 Tea & Coffee  


ROI: Holding social media accountable

4:20 Discussion: Reality Check Andrew Grill

  Speaker: Social Media Assets Giles Palmer

  Speaker: Will McInnes

  Speaker: Chris Reed

5:00 Panel: Return on Investment in Social Media Lee Bryant

5:30 Tools Overview Josh Feldberg



6:00 Closing Remarks Jon Akwue


Bonus Panel: Politics & Social Media  

6:30 Mark Pack, Alex Smith, Shane Greer, Gabrielle Laine-Peters (moderator)


7:00 Drinks & Networking


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