CIPR Digital Impact conference

Event Info

Mon 24 May, 2010 from 8:45am - 5:00pm
Chartered Institute of Public Relations
52 - 53 Russell Square
London, WC1B 4HP, UK (Map)
Cost: £395 + VAT for members and £495 + VAT for non members.


CIPR Digital Impact conference

Are you ready to start integrating digital channels with your usual communications activities? As digital becomes part of the communications mix, digital communication become part of your role. Digital portals have become valuable tools and are increasingly being aligned alongside traditional mediums to engage and interact with stakeholders.

During this one-day conference you will look at the communications landscape and how the digital world fits within it. You will have an opportunity to discuss ideas, hear the thoughts of some of the industry’s leading digital gurus and look at practical examples of how companies have successfully embraced social media.


08:45    Registration

09:10    Chair’s welcome

09:20    Digital impact

Keynote addressing the way in which digital has revolutionised communications globally and how it is impacting PR.

09:35    The digital landscape

The evolution of technology shifts the digital landscape and in turn changes the channels and tactics we use to connect with our audiences. Organisations have begun to engage in two-way conversations with their stakeholders. During this presentation you will look at:

  • Why digital is so important for engagement
  • Pros and cons of popular digital channels
  • The importance of integrating and managing networks

10:05    First Direct – leading the way in digital communications

This case study will look at how one organisation has put digital channels at the heart of its communications. Discover how they have successfully used a range of social media tools such as RSS, Twitter, blogs and an online press office to engage with stakeholders.

10:35    How digital fits within PR strategy

Increasingly, we see traditional communication channels being used in conjunction with digital to connect both internal and external stakeholders. The real time world has rapidly evolved but often it’s traditional offline channels driving web traffic.

  • Choose the right channels for your organisation
  • Look at where digital sits within PR strategy
  • Reaching diverse groups

11:05    Tea & coffee

11:25    Online reputation management

Safeguarding your reputation is crucial in an online world where news travels at a staggering rate. Digital channels are both time and cost effective, and listening to and engaging in online talk is essential for your brand’s reputation.

  • How social media can compromise your reputation
  • How and when to react to online talk and news
  • Find out how to guard your brand against online criticism
  • Using social media to enhance your reputation

12:00    Breakouts

Choose to attend one of the three workshops listed below. These will be repeated after lunch at 13:20.

 Viral videos

As online videos continue to grow year-on-year they’ve become an effective way to engage directly with audiences. At this workshop you will look at how you can use video assets such as live webcasts, WebTV shows, and short form video including examples of how video can also be made interactive to enable viewers to directly engage and click to purchase featured products, download content or sign up to a mailing list. 

Mobile apps

As the use of mobile surfing grows it offers a new opportunity to reach audiences. Look at the growth of mobile apps and examples of how they are effectively being used to connect and engage. Gain the advice you need to start developing apps for your company or client.

Tweeting tactics

With the increasing popularity of Twitter, it is essential that communicators know how to engage with new and growing networks.  During this practical session you will be provided with a step-by-step guide to help you set-up and manage a Twitter account. You will examine the advantages and pitfalls of digital networks and discover how to make them work for you.  

12:40    Lunch

13:20    Breakouts

The three 30-minute workshops listed above are repeated.

14:00    Online news rooms

Online news rooms allow PR professionals to quickly contact journalists and supply and update them with information. An increasing number of organisations are building their own online news rooms, providing journalists with all the information they need to access at the click of a button.

  • Look at how journalists use online news rooms
  • Discover why they are so important
  • Uncover some do’s and don’ts when setting-up an online news room for your company or client.

14:30    Measurement and evaluation

With the developments in new technology come new ways to measure the impact of your messages and how they are being carried across digital platforms.  During this presentation you will look at:

  • The free measurement tools available online
  • Selecting channels that can provide true ROI
  • How to track responses to your stories

15:00    Tea & coffee

15:20    Panel – The future of digital

As you get to grips with the online channels currently affecting the way you communicate, digital continues to evolve. New technologies, channels and networking sites are constantly emerging – meaning you can never be far enough ahead. In this session, hear from three digital consultants on what digital has in store for communicators and the developments we can expect to see in the near future.

16:20    Chair’s comments

16:30    Conference close


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