Monetising Mobile

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Wed 26 May, 2010 from 5:00pm - 11:55pm
195 Piccadilly
London, W1J 9LN, UK (Map)
Cost: £229 +VAT


ME presents the Monetising Mobile conference - putting the focus on how to make actual money from the apps revolution.

Monetising Mobile
Wednesday May 26th, 2010
195 Piccadilly
London W1

OverviewIn July 2008, Apple started the second age of mobile content in the West when it launched the iTunes App Store.

Every other OEM is in the app space now, and Apple has marched towards three billion downloads. 

But it’s not all roses. Consumers are grappling with the sheer volume of apps available, and content providers are struggling to make a living from a market dominated by free apps and a nascent advertising ecosystem.

There’s lots to discuss. Which is why Mobile Entertainment is delighted to present a special conference dedicated to apps and widgets – and specifically how to make money from them.

Tickets & SponsorshipTicket price: £229 +VAT.

Sponsorship: Katy [dot] Grantatintentmedia [dot] co [dot] uk
Delegate Bookings: Jodie [dot] Holdwayatintentmedia [dot] co [dot] uk

The Conference starts at 4:30pm and will be followed by an evening of networking, dinner and drinks.

Tickets are £229.

The agenda for the day is as follows:

5:00 Introduction
Tim Green – executive editor, Mobile Entertainment

5.05 Market overview
Stuart Dredge –  online editor, Mobile Entertainment
This man knows everything about the app market, and he'll outline the most exciting developments in the space

5:20 How to achieve 50m downloads
Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam
Find out how the music ID firm became a poster boy for the app space using subscriptions, bundles and partnerships.

5:35 Commercial break? The reality of ad-funded apps
Russell Buckley, VP of global alliances, AdMob
The formats, the pay-outs, the metrics and more.

5.50 Release the money inside – in-app payments
Ray Anderson, CEO, Bango
Is it realistic to give it away free and make money later? Find out from the veteran of mobile payments.

6.05 Spread the word
Volker Hirsch, strategy advisor, Scoreloop
How to get users to do the marketing for you

6.20 Where's my app at?
Matt Pollitt, head of communications, ustwo
It can be hard to keep track of your app. Hence tools like ustwo's PositionApp that deliver chart metrics from multiple stores.

6.30 Apps in half an hour for £100
Caroline Van den Bergh, head of product, Golden Gekko
Check out the DIY tools that bring app building within the reach of the cash-strapped and the non-techie.

6.40 Coffee break

7.10 Which business model is best for me?
Ad-supported? Subscriptions? Micro-payments? A panel shares its insights...

Nicholas Lovell, founder, Gamesbrief
Scott Seaborn, head of mobile, Ogilvy Group
David Gibbs, general manager of mobile, Sky
Bernadette Lyons, MD, Mach
Charles McLeod, CEO, Metaflow

7.30 Ask the app store owners
A chance to ask questions about business models, developer support, addressable markets and more

Phil Northam, Samsung Mobile Innovator
Patrick Mork, VP of marketing, GetJar
Ray de Silva, enabler of commercial partnerships, Vodafone Internet Services
James Parton, Head of O2 Litmus
Sanyu Kiruluta, senior application development consultant, RIM
Scott Apeland, director, Intel Software Network

7.50 Networking, dinner, drinks

12pm Event closes


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