SHINE Unconference

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Thu 13 - Sat 15 May, 2010 from 6:00pm - 3:30pm
37-63 Southampton Row, Holborn
London, WC1B 4DA, UK (Map)
Cost: See website


SHINE is the biggest unconference in the UK for social entrepreneurs. Over three days, it offers a mini-business school with all the elements social entrepreneurs need to grow fast: practical support, inspiration, services, tools and connections.

85% of participants say that SHINE is better than other social enterprise events. 50% say SHINE offers more useful peer-to-peer learning than all business support forums.

For New Social Entrepreneurs: Take advantage of 1-to-1 advice sessions, from marketing to finance, for fast and effective support Learn from other entrepreneurs who've experienced your current challenge and will pass on their advice Practical sessions to develop your skills An energising environment that will motivate you Meet everyone you need to in the social enterprise space, quickly "The one-on-one sessions were priceless. You can't access people like that. It's so difficult to get people to sit down with you, and there were some amazing agencies" - SHINE participant, social entrepreneur

For Growing Social Entrepreneurs: Get direct access to investors who can help you to scale up Be introduced to partners who can help you to deliver Access the latest practical ideas that can support your strategy Pass on your experience to new startups while getting profile for your business "I was really hoping for this level of collaboration and I'm thrilled at the level of break-out sessions." - SHINE participant, social entrepreneur

For Investors: Get introduced to start-up social enterprises with real growth-potential Give your expertise as an investor to help the market grow Meet business leaders who are involved in social enterprise Quick entry into the Social Enterprise space "The audience here was more appropriate than any other event I've been to yet." - SHINE participant, Investment Manager, Futurebuilders England

For Policy-Makers and Thinktanks: Talk to startup social enterprises to ensure your policy is working for the sector Consult with participants to help your research Get success stories and case studies of new social enterprises Find out the key issues facing social businesses "Unconventional, active and useful...I will be telling everyone about it next year." - SHINE participant, researcher

For the Curious: Is social entrepreneurship right for you? Get support and feedback that will help you develop your idea Meet inspiring social enterprises who are doing it now "It was more dynamic than I expected with a greater level of communication and activity than I've seen from similar events" - SHINE participant, manager



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SHINE Unconference