The jQuery Online Conference

Event Info

Mon 12 Jul, 2010 from 5:00pm - 9:00pm
At your home/workplace (time dependent on locality)
Cost: $150


1st Session 1 hour jQuery UI Widget Factory
Rey Bango

2nd Session 1 hour Testing Your Mobile Web Apps
John Resig

This talk will be a comprehensive look at what you need to know to properly test your web applications on mobile devices, based upon the work that's been done by the jQuery team. We'll look at the different mobile phones that exist, what browsers they run, and what you can do to support them. Additionally we'll examine some of the testing tools that can be used to make the whole process much easier.

3rd Session 1 hour Taking jQuery Effects to the Next Level
Karl Swedberg

One of the first things web developers learn to do with jQuery is to show and hide elements on a page and then add some flair by sliding those elements up and down or fading them in and out. Too often, though, we stop there, missing out on the incredible range and flexibility of jQuery's core effects. In this talk, we'll investigate both standard and custom animations and how they can be used to create useful and fun effects. We'll also build a couple effects plugins, explore parts of the effects API that are often overlooked, and learn how to avoid common problems when attaching these effects to certain events.

4th Session 1 hour jQuery Pluginization
Ben Alman

In this live-coding session, Ben explains how, with just a little thought and effort around generalization, parameterization and organization, you can convert your "just get the job done" jQuery code into a legitimate, reusable, modular jQuery plugin.