Event Info

Wed 21 Jul, 2010 from 10:00am - 6:30pm
College Building, City University London,
St John Street
Cost: Free (if you register) - £5 existing supporters - £10 general public


We'll have training sessions about how to lobby your MP and more volunteer workshops. There'll also be discussions on the state of UK politics after #GE2010 and why this is a key moment to push harder for reform on digital issues from surveillance to copyright to DRM. The keynote speaker will be James Boyle, a founder of the modern movement to recognize, protect, and grow the intellectual commons.

Sessions will include

  • James Boyle on the future of copyright, in London especially for this talk
  • Thriving in the Real Digital Economy: Cory Doctorow talks and then chairs a panel of artists.
  • Digital Economy Act: What's Next? (Tom Watson, Eric Joyce, Julian Huppert)
  • What is the 'Right to Data'? (Heather Brooke, Rufus Pollock)
  • Opening up the Data Protection Directive: Can of Worms or Opportunity
  • Dismantling the Database State (NO2ID, ARCH, Big Brother Watch) 
  • Theft! A History of Music (Jennifer Jenkins)
  • ACTA: A Shady Business (La Quadrature du Net, Becky Hogge)