MADE in 48 Hours

Event Info

Fri 10 - Sat 11 Sep, 2010 from 8:00am - 7:00pm
Sheffield Hallam University
Cost: 375.0


Make your business live and successful online, only in 48 hours.

Who is it for?

For every business owner who either wants to expand their operations into the online world or perfect their existing presence on the web.

Why online business?

Whether you are at the setup stage of the business or you are an established entrepreneur, digital marketing is the answer to problems your business might be facing to either take off or grow further. Online presence gives you a powerful marketing tool that you can use with no or minimal costs. The online world is continuously expanding its opportunities for entrepreneurs to market their products, therefore it is vital that you have a clear strategy and knowledge of all the tools available to successfully launch online.

How will you benefit from attending this event?

In brief, you will get created a digital footprint for your business and you will know how to leverage the web to drive your business growth.  Some of key learnings include:

If you do not have a website, you’ll have one up and running before you leave the event.

You’ll have an established SEO strategy and you will know the key activities you must perform to ensure your website’s rankings improve in the search engine results.

You’ll be shown how to test your keywords against acquisition strategy

You’ll implement your digital PR strategy

You’ll perfect your presence on social networks

You’ll get your blog up and running with devised editorial schedule

Your presence will be established on Google local

You’ll establish a digital strategy for distribution including effective leverage on Google Products, Amazon WebStore, Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Fulfillment, Ebay Reseller Programme and vertical market portals like Etsy where appropriate.

You’ll be provided with the understanding of crowdsourcing and taught how to use Elance and similar sites to plug into digitally enabled outsourcing.

You’ll gain access to Asian manufacturing and sourcing through Alibaba


The event is structured into general lectures and variety of hands-on workshop sessions, which are customized according to the growth stage you’re business is in. 

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