Music 4.5 goes practical

Event Info

Thu 16 Sep, 2010 from 2:00pm - 6:30pm
Central London location TBA
London, UK (Map)
Cost: £125+VAT


Music 4.5 goes practical is a half-day seminar, starting at 2 pm, focused on interactive discussion and networking around different business strategies for music and music-tech companies, and what their implications are from a legal, financial, and international point of view, as well as what this means for the artist/the band. It will also provide an opportunity for music-tech companies to pitch to a panel of experts. 

Featured sessions:

- Local growth first or global reach immediately?

 Michael Breidenbrucker, founder of and RjDjMusic is a local thing, and this is maybe more true for the music industry than any other content business. This basic understanding affects and translates the way any music or music-tech business operates and expands, in spite of the internet. Michael Breidenbrucker shares his experience of local and global growth.

- Music and music technology service as export commodity?

Patrik Larsson, Board Member of Export Music Sweden and partner of Headlock Management

The three largest music exporters are the US, the UK and Sweden: two large Anglo-Saxon countries and one small European country with a language only spoken in the country itself. What do they have in common, language or culture or business approach? Why don't more countries succeed in music exporting like Sweden?

- Practical issues to consider: licensing, different jurisdictions, glocal routes to market

Gregor Pryor, Partner, Reed Smith

The licensing model for online content is not clear, nor consistent across Europe: there are issues with double costs, cheaper versus more expensive jurisdictions. What are the routes to market and what do you need to succeed?

- Music-tech Startups Pitch opportunity

Apply to pitch your startup to our panel: email rassamiat2pears [dot] com 
- Panel discussion: which strategies for what service/product/situation?

How can you work across the legal, licensing, tax/VAT and bureaucratic regulatory framework in place in different ways across Europe? What works? What doesn't? What are the implications for artists and song-writers?

Moderator: Grant Murgatroyd, Corporate Financier Magazine

Michael Breidenbrucker, RjDj Patrik Larsson, Headlock Management & Export Music Sweden

Helienne Lindvall, singer, song-writer, and journalist with The Guardian writing the blog 'Behind the Music'

Gregor Pryor, Partner, Reed Smith


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