The Virtual World Conference

Event Info

Wed 15 Sep, 2010 from 12:00am - 11:55pm
Second Life
Cost: £45 via ticket link in details


Hosting the conference on a virtual platform, in deference to global insecurity and climate change, will see all stakeholders accessing remotely via a range of internet-enabled devices. This unique event will follow the sun, with speakers in each time zone contributing to a full 24 hours of activity. With so many global challenges ahead, participants and speakers will begin to consider the opportunities for virtual worlds to address some of the core issues in contemporary society.

This conference, the first of future community-driven events will consider: how can virtual worlds change how we learn, work and socialize? Addressing this key question, the conference will focus on: 

•Social interaction, societies and communities in virtual worlds

•Business applications and strategies for using virtual worlds

•Formal and informal teaching and learning in virtual worlds

The conference will bring together researchers and experts in the field of virtual worlds spanning from East Asia to West America to consider these central themes with the purpose of creating a new cross-sectoral virtual networking community for considering these and future issues and challenges.

The Virtual World Conference 2010 will host trainers, experts, teachers, policy-makers, managers, consultants, tutors and researchers from industry, academia, schools and policy development, with representation from a wide range of different sectors including: 

•Education: schools, colleges and universities

•Research: universities, institutes, industrial labs

•Training: training organizations, private foundations

•Industry: international companies, SMEs

•Health: hospitals and training institutions, care trusts

•Environment: planning agencies, environmental agencies, emergency response organisations

•Government: central government departments, agencies and local government authorities


Registered delegates should have a Second Life avatar and will receive full access details etc shortly before the event. 



Serious Games Institute