Mashup* TV, Pay TV, Over the Top (OTT) TV and DLNA - Where is the future for multiscreen?

Event Info

Tue 12 Oct, 2010 from 6:00pm - 9:30pm
Ogilvy Labs
10 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf
London, E14 4QB, UK (Map)
Cost: £35 + VAT


At this mashup* event we'll be discussing, debating and demoing how the arrival of true convergence is driving the need for seamless media access across multiple consumer devices. Now that there is so much video available online, the TV industry is forced to ask if the internet is the TV platform of the future, which will bypass pay-TV providers, or if there is an opportunity for traditional TV service providers to blend the internet with their existing delivery routes. Moreover, would such a hybrid approach be able to deliver a truly converged entertainment offering that quenches the consumer’s thirst for TV anywhere, anytime and on any device?

However, blending broadcast and broadband is not a simple task.  There is still a lot of work to do and questions to be answered in identifying the right business models and finding the right ways to engage consumers. There are also technology hurdles to address such as content protection/DRM, content discovery/navigation and bandwidth availability.  And those are just challenges for getting content to the TV set or home PC - add to the mix your mobile phone, camera, car, iPad and iPod and you either have a massive disruption or a never ending headache. 

Attendees can expect to hear views and opinions on :

  • Why is the internet important and how it will impact multi-screen TV
  • How will the stakeholders react and where are the opportunities
  • What are the business models that will make blended TV services sustainable?
  • When and how will Google make an impact?
  • Can you get closer to the consumers by having more data on them?
  • The role of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) in the connected world
  • Will OTT really change the business model for Pay TV providers

This mashup* event will present views from those who are bringing about change, challenging the status quo and are ready to deliver value and customer experience that TV has dreamed of for 30 years. Additionally we will have a number of DLNA and TV browser demos on hand to answer your questions about what and how you can create value for your organisation by introducing seamless media access.

Any Queries please contact: emmaatmashupevent [dot] com



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