Mobile Design Conference: Designing for the Networked City

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Thu 21 Oct, 2010 at 10:55am
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona (MACBA) Auditorium
Plaça Àngels, 1
Barcelona, 08001, ES (Map)
Cost: €120 - €495


Mobile Design Conference

After the great success of the first Mobile session of last edition, this year we repeat and extend the session turning it into the first Mobile Design Conference.

Designing for the Networked City

At the beginning of a new decade, the technology paradigm of anytime, anywhere, anyhow has become a reality in our everyday lives. Location technology is now integrated into every mobile device, opening exciting and challenging paths for the discovery of new services around the user. 

With improved capabilities of devices such as sensoring technologies, we’re moving towards networked and context-aware environments. Embedding computational power into the objects and environments that surround us (also known as 'urban' or 'ubiquitous' computing and 'locative media') clearly marks the next steps. 

This new technological potential renders the discussions about open or locked-in solutions even more important - especially for urban environments with multifaceted stakeholders:

  • what is the potential and limit of 'open data' in the context of a networked city?
  • what is the role of locked-in solutions, how do we define ownership?
  • how do we engage users in the creation of complex systems?
  • what are general benefits, challenges or dangers we face in these networked environments? 

Knowing that currently more then 80 % of Europeans live in cities urges us to better understand how these new mobile ecosystems work. Particularly navigating the complex relationships between mobile technologies, infrastructure, private and public stakeholders becomes increasingly important for any designer working in this space.

For this second Mobile Design Conference, we’re inviting some of the most forward-thinking leaders in Mobile, Co-Creation, and Urban Design who will share their view on the role of design in an increasingly complex ecosystem and the challenges they see lying ahead: designing mobile services for a total mobile user city experience, respecting the needs of the user within her environment.

Speaker 1: Kevin Slavin - Co-Founder and Chairman of AREA/CODE Entertainment

Speaker 2: Matt Jones- Director of Design at BERG

Speaker 3: Usman Haque, Director of HAQUE Design + Research Ltd

Speaker 4: to be confirmed

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