NESTA Hot Topics: Serious Games

Event Info

Tue 12 Oct, 2010 from 8:30am - 10:00am
1 Plough Place
London, EC4A 1DE, UK (Map)
Cost: Free


The first event in our Hot Topics series explores how games have the power to change the world.  Hot Topics are a newseries of NESTA events driven by ideas and technologies.  They aim to introduce the technological tools that will change how we do things in the next few years and bring together the best of business, academia, start-ups and investors.

Inspirational Figures
The inspiration for this first event on Serious Games comes from Jane McGonigal’s TED talk on Serious Games (see video below), and David Helgason’s declaration ofthe 'Year of Gamification'.

The rise of Serious Games
The event will examine how games and games technologies are being brought into 'serious' areas, as well as how serious tasks are being made more game-like. More specifically, our contention is that there are three specific ways that games can be adopted by other sectors:

  • by generating positive side effects from gameplay;
  • by creating technology that can be reused;
  • and by increasing engagement with a problem or activity.


  • Stian Westlake, Chair, Executive Director Policy and Research, NESTA
  • Mary Matthews, Blitz Games Studios
  • Alex Fleetwood, Hide and Seek

Find out more
Visit our Serious Games resource page to see interesting and innovative examples, links and videos that relate to the topics we will discuss at the Serious Games event. We would also love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or ideas for relevant case studies, talks or articles we may have missed.

Catch up post-event
If you aren’t able to attend, be sure to follow the live updates on Twitter, and you can then read the post-event report and watch full the video.




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