Future Human: Total Filmmaking

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Wed 10 Nov, 2010 at 7:00pm
The Book Club
100 Leonard Street
London, EC1A 4RH, UK (Map)
Cost: £8


On November 10, Future Human reconvenes at The Book Club for Total Filmmaking, where we will be discussing how digital culture is allowing for a new breed of deft, multitalented auteur-moguls. Tickets are available here; as ever, we recommend advance purchase as places are strictly limited.

The film industry has been damaged by the Internet, with piracy, gossip and dodgy streams from obscure Eastern European nations all attacking its business model. But it’s also providing some glorious new opportunities: by harnessing the zeal of online fans, savvy filmmakers are now able to source free promotion and financial contributions – even creative input – quickly and easily.

The relative failure of crowdsourcing project A Swarm of Angels shows, alongside the collapse of funding from the Film Council, that the UK film industry has to choose its options wisely. How can filmmakers more effectively tap into digital culture in all areas of filmmaking – the funding, the production, and the distribution? And if you want to make your own film cheaply and effectively, how should you go about it in 2010?

The answers lie in the Total Filmmaking movement –where one masters all aspects of the filmmaking process. From securing funding to framing a shot, creating viral marketing campaigns to distributing the film online, the total filmmaker is proving that nimble and ingenious thinkers can survive the caprices of digital culture.

Joining us are three of the UK film industry’s most imaginative creatives.

- Mark Herbert is managing director and founder of Warp Films, the film production arm of the Warp music label. Since its inception in 1999, he’s produced a number of critically-acclaimed and successful films, including Dead Man’s Shoes, Four Lions, the BAFTA award-winning This Is England, and the forthcoming Submarine. He also recently set up the Five Day Features project with director Shane Meadows, encouraging filmmaking where shoots take five days or less.

- Liz Rosenthal is the founder and director of Power to the Pixel, an advisory body helping filmmakers to engage with digital media. Their work includes highlighting new distribution models, finding new ways to get projects funded, and showing how projects can establish themselves across different platforms. She is also the founder of her own production company, Earthly Delights Films.

- Marc Price is the director/writer/producer of ultra-low budget zombie film Colin, which was made for £45 (the cost of a crowbar, some Mini DV tapes, and tea and coffee), and with actors sourced via social networks. After the film became the talk of Cannes ’09, it was released theatrically and on DVD, and became a hit on the festival circuit. He is now working on his next film Thunderchild, a horror set in World War II.

For anyone wanting to take their filmmaking from the back yard to the multiplex, or to see how digital culture is continuing to reshape the creative industries, Total Filmmaking should be a fascinating event. Once again, tickets are available here.

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Wednesday November 10, 2010

Main event is 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm, music until late

@ The Book Club, Leonard Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4RH (map)

Tickets are strictly limited and advance purchase is advised. They can be bought HERE.


Contact info(at)badidea.co.uk if you have an enquiry.


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