Lincoln Wired City Reconnected Event _ Looking for last 8 Delegates

Event Info

Tue 9 Nov, 2010 from 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Oak House Business Centre
Waterside South
Lincoln, LN5 7FB, UK (Map)
Cost: £12.50 online or £15 on the night


The Wired City Reconnected team is organising its first Wired City Reconnected event in Lincolnshire – after holding very events in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool in September / October. The events attract over 40+ digital, creative and ICT businesses from across the regions. 

We have started registering businesses.........where we have already attracted a number of new and interesting businesses. Are you interested in joining us?

What would be a Lincoln Wired City Reconnected event? 

o The event seeks to attract only digital, creative and ICT businesses from beyond just the local city as we encouraging businesses from outside the immediate area. We have a combination of freelance, small and larger agencies coming from across Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire (Scunthorpe & Grimsby) South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

o Delegates would be encouraged to suggest possible calls for collaborations which identify areas of possible needs of collaboration. These calls will add in attracting businesses which are relevant to your business needs. Therefore there is no unnecessary sales pitches and meeting irrelevant business types.

o Businesses will be asked to provide a ‘business profile’ in advance of attending so that fellow delegates can read the profiles and decide who they wished to be introduced too. This enables the delegates to use their time constructively to familiarize themselves with potential collaborators rather than ‘randomly’ hoping to meet someone who may meet their needs. Companies attending the events are only from the digital, creative and ICT industries and are not allowed to conduct a hard sale to other attendants. Simply...... you pick the businesses you want to speak with! 

o On the night introductions & matching services would be provided to enable businesses to explore collaborations and joint activities. The event would be pure networking; it will be without speakers, sales reps, and clichés sitting around tables. 

o A delegate charge of £15 per delegates. However if delegates book online up to one week before the event they are only charged £12.50. This fee covers all liquid refreshment, buffet and an business introductory / matching service. In short lots of cold beers / soft drinks, good food and pure business networking!!!!

Currently delegates are looking to meet with businesses who can respond to these calls:

Collaboration 1: Lincolnshire based business is looking to outsource work to Wordpress freelancer / small agency
Collaboration 2: East Lincs business is looking to collaborate with Design and Marketing agencies
Collaboration 3: North Lincs video media business is looking to collaborate with design and marketing agencies
Collaboration 4:. South Lincs business wishes to meet with freelance animators (working with real time / interactive animation & Flash programming
Collaboration 5: Lincolnshire copywriter is seeking collaborations with web designer and agencies
Collaboration 6: Nottinghamshire based Direct Marketing businesses is looking to explore collaborations with Branding, PR and Marketing businesses.
Collaboration 7: Boston based animator seek to explore joint ventures with video producers.
Collaboration 8: Lincoln based multimedia business is looking to meet skilled film and video location crews / visual effects artists who might supplement existing team
Collaboration 9: Newark based business who is looking for a partner who can provide HTML Email templates



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