Executive roundtable: The future of local, regional and location-based media

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Tue 14 Dec, 2010 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm
One Alfred Place
London, WC1E 7EB, UK (Map)
Cost: Strictly by Invite Only.


The local and regional media markets are experiencing a period of change and development. Most UK consumers still value local content, especially news, but consumption patterns are changing rapidly. A growing diversity of offerings is available through new digital platforms, increasing competition and stimulating innovation across the market.

For advertisers and marketers, these developments have created exciting new opportunities to reach and engage with consumers. However, many local media businesses have experienced significant economic pressures and there are concerns about the future funding of local news and journalism.

Going forwards, new mobile location-based services and the launch of the YouView platform are likely to accelerate the pace of change, but there are significant uncertainties about the future shape of the market.

What are the prospects for local and regional media in the UK? What do consumers want from local and regional media and are their needs being well served? Which digital offerings will prove most successful and which traditional business models will survive?

Will cross-media business models prove successful? How will mobile and local television impact the market? Is consolidation needed or inevitable? How will the market and competitive environment evolve during the next 5-10 years?

This discussion about the future of local, regional and location- based media has a panel of leading industry experts, including:

  • Russ Cohn, Industry Leader, Local and Publishing at Google (UK)
  • Mandeep Mason, Deputy Sales Director, EMEA, at Navteq Media Solutions
  • John Angeli, Head of Content at the Press Association
  • Sarah Hartley, Guardian Local editor at Guardian News Media
  • Karen Kemble-Diaz, Chief Operating Office at Northcliffe Digital
  • David Marrinan-Hayes, Head of Product Management at Trinity Mirror Regionals
  • Guy Giles, Operations Manager at Looking Local
  • Seamus McCauley, blogger and former Head of Publishing at local people.


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