Mashup: Family 2.0

Event Info

Wed 26 Jan, 2011 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Central London
Cost: £35 + VAT


Family 2.0 will focus on what are the new products and services that are serving the family 2.0 and how should be sell and market them.

The white board in the kitchen could move to a shared online collaboration space.  Moving images from you phone to the media hub to Facebook, who is in control and what content should be shared. As those annoying wires become wireless, are we creating too much noise in the house. A TV in every room and everyone always on, can technology replace the evening meal.

With more split families and parents working away from home increasingly, will the extension of digital technologies enable family interaction but what are the implications to the family circle overall?

This will be a wide ranging debate about how we use technology, what technology is available and what the research is showing us.