Drupal In-Depth Week: Introducing Drupal

Event Info

Mon 28 - Tue 29 Mar, 2011 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
10-12 Russell Square
Russell Square House
London, WC1B 5EH, UK (Map)
Cost: 495


This Drupal course quickly gets you up to speed with building dynamic database-driven websites with Drupal.

It begins with a basic introduction into the main concepts behind Content Management Systems (CMS) and the types of websites they are meant to help create. We then map these concepts onto Drupal as a CMS and take you through installation to creations of a series of websites each one adding an additional layer of functionality.

We start from a simple “presentation” website, move through to the addition of a news capability, present and search through catalogues of services and/or products, add sophisticated contact solutions, e-commerce capabilities and finally some social elements to enable users to interact with each other via the website.


Who's suitable for this Drupal course? This course is suitable for web developers and web designers that are interested in finding out what Drupal can do for them in terms of accelerating and improving their web creation process.

It is also suitable for Drupal web site administrators wanting to increase their understanding of maintaining a Drupal web site.

Delivery and content This is a hand-on practical course - together we will build “live” websites leading to fully working examples, we will be working through the following syllabus:

  • Introduction to Content Management Systems
  • Installing Drupal on your machine
  • How Drupal handles and categorises content
  • Adding menus and navigation
  • How Drupal handles users and permissions
  • What comes out of the box and how to activate additional functionality
  • Downloading and installing additional modules
  • Changing the look of your website by installing different themes
  • Create more complex content types (with the Drupal Content Construction Kit)
  • Adding images and files to your content
  • Using WYSIWYG Editors
  • Building contact forms and handle newsletters
  • Creating catalogues of services / products (introduction to Simple Views)
  • SEO Considerations - how to improve your ranking with simple, quick solutions
  • A basic e-commerce solution
  • Getting social - make your website interactive with voting, moderation and enhanced user registration
  • Maintaining your Drupal website - how to keep abreast of Drupal core and module updates


What do I need to bring? Bring your laptop as you can follow along with the course development but it is not necessary.

Payment and costs £495 companies/individuals £465.50 - 10% discount for charities, BIMA, RSA and Intellect members. To receive this discount, please contact infoatbrightlemon [dot] com with proof of membership, will we then distribute a discount code for you. £990 for the whole Drupal In-Depth Week including Introducing Drupal and Advanced Drupal, plus a whole FREE day of Learning Drupal 7.  What is Drupal In-Depth Week?
This Introducing Drupal course is a part of BrightLemon’s Drupal In-Depth training week. Immerse yourself with back-to-back workshops and become a Drupal expert within one week with Introducing Drupal, Advanced Drupal Development and Learning Drupal 7 individual courses. For more information on the Drupal In-Depth Week please view here.


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