SEO Fundamentals Training

Event Info

Tue 22 Mar, 2011 at 9:30am
Walmar House
296 Regent Street
London, W1B 3AL, UK (Map)
Cost: £450 (group discounts available)


A solid understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential if you own, manage, create or buy websites. By avoiding common mistakes and ensuring you follow Google best practice, you will start to discover that gaining traffic from organic listings is not as hard as you thought.

Providing a solid understanding of all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation, this jargon free workshop is essential for anyone looking to successfully promote themselves online.

You will discover that you do not need to be a technical whizz, a professional writer, or a graphic designer to create a website that both visitors and Google will love.

We will start from the beginning and take you through step-by-step, on how to ensure your website can be clearly seen by the search engines. Once you have attended this one day event, you will find it easy to create content for your website that increases exposure and attracts new visitors.

This Course Includes:

  • An Introduction to what SEO actually means
  • Debunking of SEO myths
  • The professional SEO’s preferred keyword research tools and how to find the words people are using to search for your business
  • How to find out about, and learn from, your competitor’s SEO strategy
  • Understanding how Google and Search Engines “read” websites
  • How to ensure your website is as visible as possible
  • Questions to ask your website developer to avoid being fobbed off
  • Plenty of ideas on how to write great content for your website
  • How to attract other people to link to, and share, content on your website
  • Why you need to manage your own SEO



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