Music 4.5: Data is Sexy!

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Thu 14 Apr, 2011 from 2:00pm - 6:00pm
London, UK (Map)
Cost: From £85+VAT (Early bird rate)


Data and Research - The use of data and research to make more money for entrepreneurs and artists: if you don't get your metadata right, it's likely you won't get all the money due to you. Metadata, e-CRM and research data make up the backbone of the entertainment industry, but is seldom seen or spoken of. Data gives information, which equals understanding of your market. Yet, at the moment, metadata and the resulting sales reports are a huge area of untapped potential, rarely fully utilised and exploited.

This needs to be addressed for startups so they go into ventures with the understanding that this is an important part of their business to get right - for their own revenue purposes, and to ensure artists and songwriters get paid.  

The seminar will feature case studies from Decibel, MusicMetric and Push Entertainment.

Topics for discussion -Who does it, does it well, and who does what, and what does it do?
-Why don't more people use it?
-Why don't people talk about using it?
-Do more people in the industry use it than is admitted to in order to keep the 'golden ears' myth alive?
-What does it take to use it?
-The quality of metadata and the standards to be used.
-How the information is presented and (mis)understood.
-Does the data improve the quality of the content/art/music?


Kevin Bacon, AWAL & BuzzDeck
Chris Cass, Gracenote
Marie-Alicia Chang, MusicMetric
Dan Cryan, Screen Digest
Maria Forte, Maria Forte Music Services
Helena Kosinski, Nielsen Music
Gregory Kris, Decibel
Darshan Sanghrajka, The House
Simon Scott, Push Entertainment


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