Michael Vizdos Certified ScrumMaster Training Workshop

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Mon 13 - Tue 14 Jun, 2011 from 9:00am - 5:30pm
Skills Matter eXchange
116-120 Goswell Road
London, EC1V 7DP, UK (Map)
Cost: £1095.00


This is a Certified ScrumMaster Training Workshop with Michael Vizdos, one of the premier Certified Scrum Trainers in the world today.

Over two days, you will experience what it is like to work on a Scrum Team from the perspective of a ScrumMaster. This workshop is geared toward software development teams, but we will not be doing any developing. This is an immersive and interactive experiential workshop.

Upon the successful completion of the Scrum training, you will be certified as a ScrumMaster and have an understanding of how the various roles and responsibilities can be applied in the real world to your current and future projects. You will receive a two year membership to the Scrum Alliance and have a solid understanding of the basics of Scrum and how it can be applied to real-world projects.

PMI members can claim up to 15 PDU's upon completion of this course.


  • Define "done" for Agile teams and how to help them get there
  • Lead retrospectives
  • Build High Performing teams
  • Create product backlogs
  • Estimate & Plan
  • Deal with conflict



Day One

You will learn basic Agile Principles and the fundamentals of Scrum. You will work on a Scrum Team, learning how to effectively create a high-performing team on a guided project. The interactions will be enhanced by many different simulations, exercises and group discussions about real-world situations. You will discuss the three roles in Scrum -- the ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and Team Member -- from the perspective of a ScrumMaster, and learn the techniques of Time Boxing, Product Backlog creation, User Story development, Change Management as it relates to Scrum, and how to deal with conflict.


Day Two

You will examine the important definition of DONE within a Sprint, along with figuring out who your real customer is. You'll learn two very important techniques -- creating user stories and creating estimations as a team. Your customers may really want to know only two things -- when are you going to get done and how much will it cost? You'll learn how to do this at the Sprint and Release Planning levels, testing real-life situations using Scrum. You'll play the role of a ScrumMaster and walk through some effective retrospective techniques.

Coming out of the real-world simulation, you should have some real (and practical) techniques that you can utilise as soon as you get back to work.



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