insideAR 2011: the metaio Augmented Reality Conference - from a Vision to a Roadmap

Event Info

Mon 26 - Tue 27 Sep, 2011 from 9:00am - 6:00pm
Cost: € 245.00


Augmented Reality (AR) will fundamentally change the way how we access, understand, enjoy and share digital information.

The vision of being able to point a mobile device camera at anything in the real world and instantly receive contextual information is beginning to take shape as a roadmap to the future of AR. Enabling technologies and the vast growth of content will turn AR into a daily-used standard interface.

The 2011 insideAR event in Munich, September 26-27, will demonstrate that AR is here to stay.

The metaio Augmented Reality conference brings together First-Class speakers from innovative, global companies, with experts in fields like information technology, marketing, industry and design. The variety of keynotes covers topics such as:

  • "From AR-Capable to AR-Optimized Mobile Platforms" by Björn Ekelund (Head of Ecosystems and Research - ST Ericsson)
  • "Augmented Reality Games and how they will Change the Gaming Industry" by Josh Shabtai (CEO - Vertigore Games)
  • "Enhancing the AR experience using ARM's Mali GPUs" by Srikanth Iyer (Ecosystem Partner Manager - ARM)
  • "Virtual Air Rights: How Augmented Reality Will Transform Advertising and Identity" from John C. Havens (Founder - Transitional Media)

And metaio CTO Peter Meier`s special presentation, "Making the Digital a Natural Experience - Status Quo and the Future of Augmented Reality" delivers insights on the profound impact that AR will have.

It will influence hardware producers and telecom service providers, business models of OEMs and content producers, gaming, information design itself and even society or institutional structures.  Most importantly, AR will change the everyday lives of a fastly growing number of users around the globe.

Further keynotes will be given by: Joe Stam (Vice president of business development - NVIDIA), Klemens Schrattenbacher (Senior Alliance Manager - RIM), Prof. Dr. Werner Schreiber (Head of Research - Volkswagen Group) and Dr. Thomas Alt (CEO, metaio). 

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