Liverpool Software Testing Club Meetup

Event Info

Wed 26 Oct, 2011 from 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Ship & Mitre pub 133 Dale St, Liverpool
133 Dale St
Liverpool, UK (Map)
Cost: Free


The night is coming together nicely & is now twinned with the Liverpool Tester Gathering!

As well as networking & a (limited) kitty behind the bar, we also have :


Why are we here? Duncan Nisbet

Welcome to the first Liverpool STC meetup / Tester Gathering.

Whats that smell? Stuart Taylor

How Test Teams are perceived in a negative light & how we as Testers need to re-educate the masses & behave appropriately in order to get the positive recognition we deserve.

Interactive Session

Testing The Time Machine -

How Marty could have tested the Delorean had he not been interrupted by Libyan terrorists

A (brief!) introduction to exploratory testing, the use of heuristics & how they can compliment a scripted testing approach.

We'll then apply what we know about exploratory testing & follow a heuristic in order to help Marty test the Delorean.

P.S. Having watched Back To The Future isn't a prerequisite!

Open Discussion

The value of certification in the software testing industry

We'd like to discuss certification in software testing & peoples views on the value that certification provides to the individuals, companies & recruitment consultants.

We have a nice spread of people attending, including those doing the recruiting, those doing the applying & those people stuck in the middle!


Directions - Driving (car park opposite pub, under flyover)

From North Liverpool (Starts at Kirkdale)

From South Liverpool (Starts at Cressington)

From M62 (starts at Warrington)

From Wirral via Queensway tunnel (starts at Birkenhead)

From Wirral via Kingsway tunnel (starts at Weatherhead)

Directions - Walking

From Lime Street (8 mins)

From Moorfields (5 mins)

From James Street (11 mins)



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