CMU Training: Music Business Models - Making Money, Finding Investment

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Wed 30 Nov, 2011 from 11:00am - 6:00pm
London, E1 6PJ, UK (Map)
Cost: £114 inc VAT, (£99 inc VAT with code 'chinwag')


CMU is the biggest news provider to the UK music business. CMU also provides a number of acclaimed one-day training courses for people working in or with the music industry. Each course covers a different area of the business, providing in-depth and bang-up-to date information and insights, as well as a guide to best practice, and current and future trends.

"The best music business training event I have attended; relevant and up-to-date,
your knowedge and enthusiam for the industry is simply exceptional" 
from participant feedback

Music Business Models - Making Money, Finding Investment looks at the various ways to make money out of music, including intellectual property, live performance and fan engagement. It reviews both traditional and newer revenue streams and investment partners, the role different music companies can play, how artist deals with those companies are currently structured, and how those companies and artist deals may look in the future.


This course is led by Chris Cooke, Publisher and Business Editor of CMU. Chris has written about the music business daily for ten years, and is a leading expert on the sector, often commenting on it for other media, most notably the BBC. He also has hands-on experience working on music and marketing projects involving artists, labels, brands and media. An experienced trainer, Chris brings insider insights, practical experience and legal training to his teaching.

UnLimited Media is a Corporate Affiliate of the Institute Of Continuing Professional Development. For those professionals with non-specific CPD commitments, CMU Training courses relevant to your profession can count for six hours of CPD time. Certificates to confirm attendance are available on request. Though please note UnLimited Media's training courses are not currently accredited by any specific professional bodies, eg the Solicitor's Regulation Authority.

• Why we need to make money from music.
• A review of potential revenue streams from intellectual property, live performance and the fan relationship.
• A review of the traditional music industry and each company type's role in revenue generation.
• An overview of new talent investment and the traditional record deal.
• An outline of the issues and dilemmas facing the wider music industry in 2011.
• A guide to untapped revenue streams in IP, performance and the fan relationship.
• Rethinking bands and labels as 'brands', and what that really means.
• Learning about and segmenting fansbase. 
• An overview of alternative investment partners.
• New approaches to artist deals and the role of music companies.


• How the wider music industry currently operates, including recordings, publishing and live.
• How the traditional record deal and artist investment system works. 
• Why the industry is changing and new approaches are needed.
• What other revenue streams and investment options are available to artists. 
• What ‘bands as brands’ really means. 
• What the 360 degree record deal means, and how it is currently working. 
• What new label and management-led models are being developed. 
• What all this means for artists, managers, rights owners and promoters.


• Any artist, songwriter or manager looking for new approaches.
• Any music rights owners looking for new ways to monetise rights and engage artists. 
• Anyone working in music wanting to know how their industry is changing.
• Any entrepreneur looking for business opportunities in music.
• Any music business student.
• Anyone interested in the future of the music business.


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