Running Lean with Ash Maurya

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Wed 9 Nov, 2011 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
London College of Communication,
Elephant & Castle
London, SE1 6SB, UK (Map)
Cost: £149 early bird before October 29th 2011, £199 full price


Workshop Overview:
Most startups fail. Not because they fail to launch what they set out to build, but because they waste time building the wrong product. Running Lean was developed through rigorous testing of Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Bootstrapping techniques on dozens of products.

This in-depth, hands-on workshop is designed for early-stage tech entrepreneurs who want to raise their odds for building successful products. We’ll go beyond the typical overview of the Lean Startup methodology and instead go deep into such key questions and challenges as:

*       How do I vet new product ideas?
*       How do I document my business model?
*       How do I find early customers?
*       How do I systematically test my business model?
*       How do I build and measure what customers want?

This workshop includes a copy of Ash Maurya’s book: Running Lean and early-access to the companion business model validation tool: Lean Canvas.

Presenter: Ash Maurya, founder of  WiredReach, author of Running Lean

Ash Maurya (@ashmaurya) is praised for offering some of the best and most practical advice out there for entrepreneurs. He challenges the notion that start-ups should plan based on gut, intuition and luck. Instead he applies a systematic process for rigorously stress testing your “Plan A” until you achieve a plan that works. He is the founder of USERcycle ( Since bootstrapping his last company seven years ago, he has launched four products and one peer-to-web application framework. He has been rigorously applying customer development and lean start-up techniques to his products, which he frequently writes about on his blog (

“Running Lean is the kind of book that you will keep by your side and use as a constant reference guide and sanity check.” 

- Ben Yoskovich, Year One Labs

“If you’re a startup founder who hasn’t read it, you’re already losing the race.” – Chris Griffin, CEO – Betable

“This book should be required reading for any entrepreneur contemplating a web startup.” - Dave Moskovitz

“Running Lean is pure gold! Seriously, someone on my team refers to it EVERYDAY!” – Kirtus Dixon

Attendance is limited. Please register before October 19th to avail of the special early bird price.


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