Fundamentals of PR strategy

Event Info

Tue 7 Feb, 2012 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
CIPR Public Relations Centre
52-53 Russell Square
London, WC1B 4HP, UK (Map)
Cost: CIPR members: £260 + VAT; non-members: £400 + VAT.


An effective PR strategy will flow from, and support, an organisation's corporate plans. This workshop will define a strategic approach to public relations and show how PR is integral to creating and implementing corporate strategy. Particular emphasis is placed on looking at practical ways to create and develop a PR strategy. Aspects of strategic decision-making are covered and time will be spent examining recent case studies, as well as delegates' experiences and requirements.

CIPR-approved trainer: Dr Jon White.

Who is this course for? This course is for practitioners with a limited understanding or who are new to formulating a PR strategy.

Topics strategy development and implementation the contribution of strategic decision-making to organisation performance the PR contribution to strategic decision-making, strategy development and implementation public relations strategy case study examples of strategy in action developing strategic thinking, including analysis techniques. Benefits to you and your organisation Delegates will improve their ability to think strategically and to see opportunities for public relations in strategic decision-making, strategy development and implementation. In addition, they will develop their own capabilities in applying strategic thinking to public relations practice.

Learning approach A good balance of PowerPoint, practical exercises, group discussions and handouts.

Workshop fee CIPR members: £260 + VAT; non-members: £400 + VAT.



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