Music 4.5 Mobile Music - the sound of the future

Event Info

Thu 8 Mar, 2012 from 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Lewis Silkin office
5 Chancery Lane, Clifford's Inn
London, EC4A 1BL, UK (Map)
Cost: from £124+VAT (early bird rate for startups/artists)


Smartphones are becoming the online device of choice and the number of people accessing the web from a mobile will soon surpass those surfing the web on a computer. Two trustworthy predictions meaning that anyone who doesn't have a mobile app or a mobile website might just as well not exist. So, how to tap into and engage with this new and still largely unexplored market?

Music 4.5 Mobile Music will explore and discuss the development and the future of the mobile music landscape - from listening to and playing with music on your mobile, via games, social mobile marketing and NFC, to the market of mobile tools and apps to create music.

Music 4.5 Mobile Music will focus on the new innovative trends and technologies in the market place, explore the new interactive relationships between musician, music, audience and devices/service providers, going beyond the mere marketing role of an app and/or game. How social interactivity and the propensity to share has become a critical success factor of any music or content to become a revenue stream.


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