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Fri 16 - Sun 18 Mar, 2012 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Bath, UK (Map)
Cost: £95 - £295 (see website)


XML Bath is the *must-attend* event for anyone focused on creative and commercial success in the digital age.

Streaming, mobile applications, online video, IPTV, social media, location aware computing, game mechanics, augmented reality and immersive 'transmedia' entertainment experiences such as "Tron" and "Avatar", have captured the imagination of hundreds of millions of people worldwide and are making huge impacts on the way we create, consume and interact with digital entertainment.

These new technologies provide content and platform creators of every description - entrepreneurs, artists, technological wizards - with tools to explode their imaginations and bring into reality untold new forms, genres and experiences, while connecting with both world-wide and niche audiences and communities.

Never before has it been so important for media companies, producers and entrepreneurs to have an acute understanding of the changes occurring in development and distribution possibilities; the behaviour patterns of consumers and communities; emerging business models; the priorities of investors; and how best to "commercialise" digital entertainment ideas locally and across international marketplaces.

X Media Lab Bath gathers digital media and entertainment visionaries from around the world to share their insight into the rapidly evolving media, entertainment and technology industries.  It is your chance to learn how to succeed in today's environment and to thrive in tomorrow's.

No boring panels! Just information rich keynote presentations from gurus from across the world.
We give great thanks to our Presenting and International Partners for their support. Conferences costing twice or three times as much do not have the clarity of vision, the high-value content or networking opportunities X Media Lab Bath "Digital Entertainment" provides!

XML BATH: DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT CONSISTS OF TWO PARTS: 1) The Pro Day Conference (16th March) for a general audience of screen practitioners, games developers, technologists, digital media professionals, advertisers, marketers, web & mobile professionals, analysts, policy advisors and hackers!

2) The Lab itself (17th - 18th March) at which selected "Digital Entertainment" projects work one-on-one with the International Mentors - gaining high-level elite personal consultation and entering into an impeccable international network... 'a million dollars worth of mentoring in 2 days!'.
XML Bath "Digital Entertainment" Conference Day will be held in the Assembly Halls in Bath.

The Lab will be held at Peter Gabriel's RealWorld Studios (how cool is that?).  The Lab will be the usual social and cultural joy, plus always the great business opportunities and connections that arise from every X Media Lab experience.
This is your opportunity to learn from and work with the world's leading digital media rockstars!
And .. like all great entertainment, XML Bath has been carefully constructed, with a cast of highly-memorable characters and promises to be seriously addictive.


Ralph Simon - Founder of the modern mobile entertainment industry (London)

Mobile strategist for Lady Gaga, Madonna, U2 and the World Cup.

Dale Herigstad - Chief Interaction Officer, Possible Worldwide (Los Angeles, London)

Winner of 4 Emmy Awards, Dale is one of the world's most influential thinkers on interactive television, convergence and emerging media.

Jeff Gomez - President & Chief Creative Officer, Starlight Runner Entertainment (New York)

One of the world's leading transmedia producers (Avatar, Tron, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean).

Julian Treasure - Chairman of the Sound Agency, Author of Sound Business (Surrey)

One of the world's only experts on the effects of sound and the effective use of sound for business benefit.

Chris Deering - Former President of Sony Computer Entertainment - Europe (London)

Chris has 3 decades of experience as an executive in multicultural motion picture video and computer game publishing.

Martyn Ware - Founding Member, the Human League, Heave 17 and The Illustrious Company (London)

Martyn is one of the leading figures in electronic music and as a record producer and artist has featured on recordings totalling over 100 million sales.

Steve Machin - Founder, Stormcrowd (London)

Pioneer of the European live entertainment space and the application of new technologies in the development of the artist/fan relationships.

Dr. Joann Kuchera-Morin - Director of the AlloSphere Research Facility, California Nanosystems Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara)

Composer, Professor of Media Arts and Technology and Music.

Dr. Vesna Petresin - Robert - Co-founder Rubedo (London)

Academic, artist, theorist, performer and designer, Vesna and Rubedo contribute to patents, performances and and projects involving CERN, Serpentine Gallery Pavillions, Ebbsfleet Landmark, AV midi devices and internationally regarded publications and installations.

Laurent-Paul Robert - Co-founder Rubedo (London)

Artist, film director, photographer and musician, Laurent-Paul and Rubedo collaborate with Double Negative on VFX for Christopher Nolan and Terence Mallick.

Martha Ladly - Professor of Design & Senior Researcher, OCAD University (Toronto)

Faculty member, CFC Media Lab, & Mentor with the Canadian Film Centre's Interactive Project Lab; Former Director, HorizonZero Digital Arts + Culture; Former Head of Design with the Real World MultiMedia Team (Bath); Member of 80s new wave bands Martha and the Muffins and The Associates.

Leah Hoyer - Creative Producer at Levity Entertainment group (Los Angeles)

Formerly Director of Development, Walt Disney Company where Leah worked on global hits Phineas & Ferb, Recess and Kim Possible.

Poonacha Machaiah - CEO of Qyuki (Bangalore)

'Qyuki' is the new multimedia company from the Oscar award winning director Shekhar Kapur and composer AR Rahman. 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Entrepreneurs!

Computer Games, Mobile Services, Web Professionals, Social Media Professionals, Advertisers, Creatives, Brand Specialists, Marketers, Simulation Professionals, Animators, VFX artists, Hackers, Coders, Technology Professionals....

Digital Media Professionals - learn more about what the near future holds and where the latest revenue models can be found.

Screen/Media Professionals - update yourself in a day as to the proliferating possibilities of the way to create, finance and distribute digital entertainment across platforms and turn them into immersive experiences.
Artists - expand your digital and interactive horizons!  
Arts Professionals & Arts Organisations - learn about how digital entertainment platforms and content can assist you engage with multiple audiences on site, on line and in multiple virtual and augmented realities.

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