WEBCAST - Fragmentation: The customer journey in a multi-media world

Event Info

Wed 25 Apr, 2012 from 3:30pm - 4:30pm
EC1N 8LS, UK (Map)
Cost: Free


With customers now taking thousands of different media routes this webinar is about helping you to find the most relevant prospects with the highest likelihood of converting them to customers.

Once upon a time, you could reach Business Bob by advertising in his morning paper, the posters at the train station on his way to work and in the centre break of News at Ten. Business Bob now makes his decisions by researching on the internet, he seeks peer reviews via blogs and forums. Hit him with an email, or with an offer via social media that is on topic and timely whilst he is in research/education mode and your conversion rates will soar.

This webinar will tell you how to :

  • Capture your audience where they work and play
  • Engage with them based on the stage that they are at in the buying cycle
  • Nurture their interest if they are not yet ready to buy
  • Score their online and offline behavior
  • Measure the effectiveness of each media element.


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