On The Edge London

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Thu 21 Jun, 2012 from 9:00am - 6:00pm
Congress Centre
28 Great Russell Street
London, WC1B 3LS, UK (Map)
Cost: 195-295


It’s time to get your edge.

Take part in an incredible journey of discovery as On The Edge hosts marketing’s leading figures, ensuring this provocative one-day conference and networking event is packed with insights guaranteed to get you and your team thinking. Challenging theories and questioning creativity is just the start.

Marketing is entering another new era. The web has revolutionised the way we communicate yet traditional offline efforts remain the focal point for many brands.

Campaigns have a reach like never before, but maximising impact relies on spinning traditional values with contemporary advancement. It’s a new kind of marketing, where digital rocks but old-school still rolls and where collaborate working equals success. But there’s still room for the maverick.

Technological advances aligned with the social media juggernaut leaves no room for mediocrity. Only the smart will survive. 

On The Edge is about breaking rules and making up new ones. Can you afford to miss out?                                         


Why Attend?

You’re a forward-thinking creative go-getter with ambition. You don’t play it safe and you like provocation. Contemporary marketing is edgy. So are you.


Today, anything is possible. The world’s most influential company makes no physical product, an individual can stand up to a multinational corporation and trust is earned through behaviour, not promises. We live in an era powered by personal creativity and brand engagement. This conference will challenge popular opinion, helping you to rewrite business marketing strategies with ideas for inspirational results.  On The Edge guarantees to bring you insight from the leading brands as well as uncovering the secrets to success from the sector’s brightest minds, not afraid to push the boundaries

 If you’re an energetic go-getter striving for the top, this conference is for you.

·         Learn the secrets behind some of the world’s most dynamic marketing successes and find out how these can benefit you and your brand

·         Understand, share and prompt innovative ideas and revolutionary products for a changing world, where nothing is impossible

·         Rub shoulders with compatriots, allies, competitors and some of the industry’s most influential leaders

·         Challenge contemporary rules and make up new ones

Get inspired. Get passionate. Get the Edge. 



 Katie Vanneck-Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, News International

 Speaking about: Paid Digital Content


 Frank Dick Obe, President, European Athletics Association

 Speaking about: Leadership


 Nigel Trood, Former Managing Director, Red Bull UK 

 Speaking about: Redbull (Case study)

 Karl Havard, Chief Strategy Officer, Wunderman

 Speaking about: Online Advertising: Stand out from the crowds


 Giles Richardson, Head of Personalisation, Barclays Bank

 Speaking about: Personalisation, making our lives easier and the right side of creepy


 Greg Roekens, Chief Technology Officer, Wunderman

 Speaking about: Mobile Technology - the experiential revolution


 Mike Morrisson, Director, RapidBI

 Speaking about: Leadership - tearing up the textbooks


 Andrew Campbell, MD, 20:20 Dialogue

 Speaking about: Analytics Best Practice - Customer Insight 2.0


 Mark Sinclair, Founder, yourBusiness Channel

 Speaking about: How to harness video to gain serious competitive advantage in any market


 Alan Stevens, Founder, MediaCoach.co.uk

 Speaking about: Why your PR is pants and your social media sucks!




On The Edge will witness talented speakers share their knowledge and perception on where the marketing industry is heading, with the clear intention that we are each able to govern the ideas and technology trends we are following.

Don’t worry though, if you don’t agree, you’ll have your chance at the panel at the end of the day


Morning Session



 Katie Vanneck-Smith on “Paid Digital Content

 Alan Stevens on “Why your PR is pants and your social media sucks!”

 Nigel Trood on “How does a brand win the hearts and minds of consumers?”


Morning Tea


 Karl Havard on “Online Advertising: Stand out from the crowd

Giles Richardson on “PersonalisationThe right side of creepy



Afternoon Session

Grégory Roekens on “Mobile Technology - The Experiential Revolution”

Andrew Campbell on “Analytics Best Practice - Customer Insight 2.0″


Afternoon Tea 


Mark Sinclair on “Video - How to harness video to gain serious competitive advantage in any market”

Dr Frank Dick OBE on “Leadership

Panel Debate


For full details on the speakers, agenda and more visit the On the Edge London website 

Tickets are limited so don't delay, register now! For this event we'll be using #EdgeLondon and it would be great to read your tweets


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