Ayende Rahien's RavenDB Workshop

Event Info

Wed 12 - Thu 13 Sep, 2012 from 9:00am - 6:00pm
Skills Matter
116-120 Goswell Road
London, EC1V 7DP, UK (Map)
Cost: £1250


Join Itamar Syn Hershko as he delivers Ayende Rahien’s RavenDB workshop on the 12th &13th September.

Itamar Syn Hershko is a core developer of RavenDB. Itamar is a strong advocate of the power of open-source projects and the innovation they can bring to the table. Oren Eini, aka Ayende Rahien, is a leading figure in projects NHibernate and RavenDB. With 15 years experience, Ayende is author of Rhino Mocks, one of the most popular mocking frameworks on the .NET platform.

This RavenDB workshop is a fast paced and hands-on 2-day workshop. From Day 1 you will be thrown into learning RavenDB and its core concepts. On Day 2 you will build on from the knowledge you gained in the previous day and learn how to extend Raven DB and various options of scaling out.

On completion of this RavenDB Workshop, you will be able to building database-backed applications faster and more efficiently.  

What: Ayende Rahien’s RavenDB Workshop

When: 12th & 13th September

Where: Skills Matter, London

Learn more and book now: http://bit.ly/AyendeRahienRavenDB

More about Itamar: http://bit.ly/ItamarBio


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