Tomas Petricek & Phil Trelford's Functional Programming in C# and F#

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Mon 26 - Tue 27 Nov, 2012 from 9:00am - 5:30pm
MWB Business Exchange
107-111 Fleet Street
London, EC4A 2AB, UK (Map)
Cost: £1195.00


Tomas Petricek’s and Phil Trelford’s two-day Functional Programming in C# and F# course explains the concepts that you need to write modern applications for .NET using F#, C# with LINQ as well as current and upcoming .NET technologies that arise from functional programming ideas -- as described in the book Real World Functional Programming: With Examples in F# and C#. Functional ideas are becoming ubiquitous in the .NET world. F# is a Visual Studio language; C# 3.0 includes many functional constructs; Reactive extensions (Rx) are based on functional design and upcoming version of C# is inspired by F# asynchronous workflows.

Learning several simple functional concepts will help you understand these technologies and use them effectively. This means that the course will make you a better programmer even if you’re not going to immediately start using F#. This course is based on experience of developing commercial applications in F# and we’ll discuss good ways of introducing F# to your daily work.


  • You’ll learn how to use and understand functional programming concepts and technologies in practice on the .NET platform.
  • Think in the functional way and use this thinking when designing .NET applications
  • Write effective and succinct code in F#
  • Combine F# functional libraries F# with object-oriented components in C#.
  • Model problem domains using functional types
  • Write reactive and asynchronous applications

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