Greg Young's CQRS, Domain Events, Event Sourcing and how to apply DDD

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Mon 10 - Wed 12 Dec, 2012 from 9:00am - 5:30pm
MWB Business Exchange
107-111 Fleet Street
London, EC4A 2AB, UK (Map)
Cost: £1795.00


Greg Young's 3-day CQRS, Domain Events, Event Sourcing and how to apply DDD course will teach you all about system building and architectures with Domain Driven Design.

The largest problem many run into with Domain Driven Design is in getting the abstract concepts implemented in a concrete way. Many of the stereotypical architectures people use actually make it impossible to apply DDD. Greg's course will help you avoid this by teaching you all about Command Query Separation (CQRS), Domain Events, Event Sourcing and how to effectively apply DDD within an organisation. LEARN HOW TO:

  • Apply DDD
  • Use CQRS
  • Understand Domain Events
  • Apply Event Sourcing

PROGRAMME Day 1 Domain Driven Design Review – essential to the following two days Day 2 Introduction/Outline User intention and why it is important Exercise: Building a task based UI Command and Query Separation Introduction to events as a storage mechanism Exercise: Creating an event storage system Performance optimizations, snapshots Creation of an aggregate root that tracks its own state Conext Specifications to capture intent How events change testing strategies Day 3 The Read System Partitionability of work, developer specialization, and outsourcing Eventual Consistency Organizational Sagas and the Ubiquitous Integration Language Versioning of the event log over long periods of time Pub/Sub and building disconnected systems


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