Online marketing masterclass for small businesses

Event Info

Mon 25 Feb, 2013 from 2:00pm - 6:00pm
British Library Business & IP Centre
96 Euston Road
London, NW1 2DB, UK (Map)
Cost: £45 (usually £97 - use discount code "onlinemarketing" when booking for your £52 saving).


Grow's online Marketing Masterclass covers the 9 fundamental areas of digital marketing that you have to know to be successful on the web. 

Many small businesses and freelancers are generating most of their business online and this workshop will teach you how to capitalise on this for your own business.

Everything you will learn is practical and can be applied to your business immediately.

We'll show you examples of organisations who are successfully using the 9 strategies so you can immediately apply them to your business. You'll leave the workshop knowing which online marketing methods will be most effective for your business to generate new business.

What you'll learn during this masterclass

  • How to find the keywords that potential customers use in Google to find what you’re selling
  • How to use email marketing to build relationships with potential customers and keep your brand in the front of your customers minds
  • How to use blogging to build your brand and generate business opportunities
  • How to create content that people share, builds credibility, demonstrates expertise and knowledge and makes people want to buy from you
  • How you leverage the vast power of Twitter to generate a following and build your business
  • How to use LinkedIn to strategically to build both your brand and your business
  • How to use Google pay per click (PPC) to generate new enquiries for your business at low cost
  • How to succeed with Facebook advertising by targeting your ideal customers wherever they are


You'll get your own Online Masterclass workbook which is jam-packed full of information about online marketing. The workbook has detailed information, links and resources on everything that's covered during the Masterclass.

What our users say

"I have come away with a ton of things to do! The workshop was so informative and covered everything. It was a practical and thorough session and has given me so many tips to put into action. Covering all the relevant topics with useful content the workbook is a great resource." 

Ben Gill MD Nice and Serious 

I'm already trained and experienced in Marketing but this workshop exposed me to how the discipline has been transformed by new technology. I understand all the basic concepts but was totally intrigued by how they are done in the new medium. This was truly a "Master Class". The presenter didn't talk down to the audience and hand a lot of examples and case studies from the experienced participants. 

Devon Thomas - Lambeth Enterprise  

About Grow

Grow has over 12 years of experience working with SME's to transform their sales and marketing approach. Grow has helped SME's:

 Increase weekly turnover from 5K - 9K

  • Increase turnover by 40%
  • Increase revenues by £350,00 per annum


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