CIPR Social Summer - Using Mobile As Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Event Info

Thu 27 Jun, 2013 from 5:30pm - 7:15pm
Chartered Institute of Public Relations
52-53 Russell Square, London
Cost: Tickets cost £10 + VAT (£12) for both members and non-members.


With Phil Hakim, Senior Account Manager for Mobile Planning at Edelman. Connect with Phil on Twitter @phillyhak

Since 2011, industry experts have been saying it is 'the year of mobile.' As we progress through 2013 it appears as if these prophecies may be about to come to fruition. In the UK, mobile is becoming increasingly ubiquitous with smartphone penetration surpassing 60%. We now regularly use our smartphones to check prices in store while shopping, to watch videos, read the news and communicate over social networks.

The key to successfully harnessing mobile as part of a successful marketing strategy hinges on understanding that mobile isn't about devices and apps but rather in how this adoption of mobile devices has led to a change in user behaviour. In this presentation, we will examine some of these new 'mobile' behaviours and how best to harness them as part of a successful marketing strategy.


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