Bunnyfoot training course: Designing for the Human Mind/ Brain

Event Info

Thu 11 - Fri 12 Jul, 2013 from 9:30am - 4:30am
Bunnyfoot office
54 st John's square, Farringdon
London, EC1V 4JL, UK
Cost: £495


An intensive one day introduction to designing to exploit what is known about the human brain and its capabilities and limitations

Using principles honed from years of scientific study from the disciplines of sociology, psychology, perceptual psychology and neuroscience, this course will teach you how to tickle the brains of your customers with your designs and communications

IS IT FOR YOU? If you yearn to improve the impact of your designs, maximise conversions, optimise landing pages, create effective dashboards, effective adverts – this is for you

Aimed mainly at those designing for interactive experiences (websites, mobile sites, apps etc,) but also applicable for anyone communicating visually (advertising, presentation production, reporting etc.)

Participants are typically, marketing managers, digital marketers, designers, user experience managers, content providers, creatives...




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