Unlocked: The Hybrid Cloud

Event Info

Thu 11 Jul, 2013 from 8:30am - 5:00pm
No. 11 Cavendish Square
Cavendish Square
London, W1G 0AN, UK
Cost: FREE


Public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds...what are they and how can they be used? Cloud is having a huge effect on how business operates. Cloud has shifted the focus from capital expenditure to operational expenditure through increased agility. Cloud's effect on business is probably old news but its effect on applications is just taking off.

Public clouds revolutionised resource provisioning and provided developers with on-demand computing resources that changed the game for application innovation. Not every application is created for multi-tenant, shared resource public clouds. When deploying such applications you may need bare-metal for increased performance and security or private cloud for on-demand elasticity in a controlled single tenant environment or hybrid cloud to give you the best of both worlds!

Join the Rackspace cloud experts as they discuss cloud application fit, polyglot datastores, their Five Pillars of Cloudiness, and more to help you maximise your agility in the cloud. 

Discussion topics include:

  • Finding the perfect application fit
  • Shadow IT/Rogue IT and its effects on business (VM sprawl, regulations)
  • Everything as code
  • The 5 pillars of cloudiness
  • Considerations of cloud adoption
  • Managing Data in the cloud

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to customercommunicationsatrackspace [dot] co [dot] uk (contact us).