Hans Dockter's Gradle In-Depth

Event Info

Wed 9 - Fri 11 Oct, 2013 from 9:00am - 5:30pm
The Skills Matter eXchange
116-120 Goswell Road
London, EC1V 7DP, UK
Cost: £1795.00 (£1615.00 if booked before 10/08/2013)


Join us for this 3-day Gradle course to learn how to use the Gradle build system to increase your productivity (tremendously). This Gradle training class first runs through some Groovy fundamentals and then moves quickly into thorough in-depth coverage of the Gradle build system including an extended module on how to work with the new Gradle based Android build system as well as an introduction on using the Gradle Scala plugin.

You'll spend a significant portion of the class with your hands on the keyboard, learning by doing, working through lab exercises designed to build on the presented material and explore the depths of Gradle.. This class can take you from complete newcomer status to Gradle competence. Due to the in-depth treatment of the topics it is also very suitable for people who have already Gradle experience. The class will be delivered by a Gradle Core Developer which gives you access to the deepest Gradle knowledge available. No question will remain unanswered.

If you are an experienced Java, Scala or Android developer and you would like to learn how to build and automate your projects with Gradle - in a Gradle course authored by the founder and creator of the Gradle project, this is a good Gradle course for you.


-use the core Gradle DSL types.

-work with external dependencies.

-use build-in tasks and plugins.

-hook into the build lifecycle.

-integrate with Ant and Maven.

-use the sophisticated Gradle logging engine to maintain a clean build output.

-use Gradle's powerful file system abstractions.

-apply best practices for maintainable builds.

-work with multi-project builds.

-achieve highly performing builds.

-create a zero-administration environment for Gradle builds.

Expert: Luke Daley

Luke Daley is a Principal Engineer with Gradleware.

With a solid background in Enterprise Automation, Luke believes strongly that tools can and should empower software professionals to achieve and innovate, which puts him right at home at Gradleware.

When he's not working on Gradle, you'll find Luke hacking on other projects in the Groovy ecosystem like Grails (a Groovy web development framework), Spock (a next generation testing framework for the JVM) and Geb (a productivity focussed Groovy browser automation tool).


Email / +44 (0)207 183 9040