CharityComms PR in the digital age conference

Event Info

Wed 26 Feb, 2014 from 9:30am - 4:20pm
Dexter House
No. 2 Royal Mint Court, Tower Hill
London, EC3N 4QN, UK
Cost: CharityComms members: £155+vat Small charity (income up to £1m): £190+vat Medium charity (income £1m - £10m): £225+vat Large charity (income £10m+): £255+vat Corporate/Public sector: £350+vat


Traditional PR relied on the ability to control your message and information through carefully managed relationships with influencers in the mainstream media. But today, millions of people are using social media to interact, express views and make informed decisions.

In the digital age there are not just a handful of key influencers; there are potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions.

There is also constant pressure to produce an immediate response should a crisis break out because of the always-on communication culture.

Is your digital footprint strong enough to meet today’s rapid-response requirements for effective communication across blogs, Twitter, Facebook and others? Does your existing crisis plan recognise digital channels as a key element in your response strategy?

Join us at this interactive conference to understand the role of media teams in the digital age and learn effective ways to engage your stakeholders through multiple spheres of influence. You'll also learn how to maximise your PR efforts across all the various social media platforms.