The Business of Software Conference 2014, Cambridge, UK

Event Info

Tue 24 - Thu 26 Jun, 2014 from 6:30pm - 6:00pm
Robinson College
Grange road
Cambridge, CB3 9AN, UK
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Business of Software Conference UK Business of Software is a 2 day conference that brings together software entrepreneurs to exchange hard won lessons on how to grow an awesome business. It gives hardworking founders a place to meet each other and lift their heads from the daily grind – a chance to work on, not in, their companies.

We’ve run BoS for seven inspirational years in the US – many delegates come back year after year, and many have asked us for a version of Business of Software targeted for European entrepreneurs. This is BoSUK.

‘Coding is the easy bit’: topics

Anyone growing a software business is constantly juggling and acquiring a huge range of skills. Here are some of the areas we frequently touch on:

  • Business development
  • Company culture
  • Recruitment and leadership
  • Dealing with crisis
  • Customer support
  • Product management
  • Strategy and business models

Why should I come to Business of Software?  

1) Practical learning from the best in the field: speakers at previous editions have included Dharmesh Shah (Hubspot), Seth Godin, Joel Spolsky (Stack Exchange), Clayton Christensen, Alexis Ohanian (Reddit) Geoffrey Moore, Scott Farquhar (Atlassian), Eric Ries, Kathy Sierra (JavaRanch), Jason Fried (37 Signals). Speakers generally stick around for conversations outside their scheduled talk, contributing to the BoS culture

2) The insights of your peers. As well as the speakers, the BoS community is made up of senior managers – founders, product people, marketeers, development – who are at similar stages and working on similar problems. Drawing on their experience is a very important part of what people get from BoS. Come prepared to learn from those ahead of you and teach those coming up behind.

3) Space to think and plan for the next 12 months. Many delegates use BoS as a regular planning exercise, leaving with adjusted strategies and new plans for all areas of their business. Some find solutions for chronic problems that have been festering for months or years. Others simply enjoy benchmarking their achievements against the industry.

Here are some quotes we're rather proud of:

  • ‘like being hit on the head with an anvil forged of startup culture, ideas, and values. Something that will forever change the way you think about business, software, and organizational architecture’
  • ‘You are guaranteed to learn something meet someone that makes the trip worth it on their own. As a bonus you get to go to an awesome software conference’
  • ‘Unless you’re buried under a pile of money you pretty much don’t have any excuse for not being at the Business of Software conference’
  • ‘Amazingly well done conference. The talks are outstanding and the people you’ll meet are even better.‘

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