#London Insurance Disrupters - The Gamification of Insurance

Event Info

Tue 24 Jun, 2014 from 9:10am - 12:30pm
Central Working (Whitechapel)
69-89 Mile End Road, London
London, E1 4TT, UK
Cost: £10


Hi Everyone,

This is the fifth of our six month series of monthly morning creative workshops that examine disruptive technologies with the potential to transform the Insurance Industry.

The workshop is not about the technical aspects of the Disruptive Technology but a qualitative creative discussion about the existing Insurance value chain, how the technology might disrupt it and how that can be turned into an opportunity.

We would like to bring together Insurance Business Professionals and Technologists with Entrepreneurs and FinTech Experts to identify the opportunities in this very exciting and undersubscribed space.

The content from this session will be captured and circulated to the group as slides, documents and drawings.

We'll be videoing the session as usual for those of you who are unable to attend. You may click here to watch the videos from our previous seminars and here to see the photos.

Students - we currently have a number of free tickets available for students, please join the group using your academic email and then message an Organiser if you'd like one.



Please be aware that the agenda is updated on a regular basis

08:30 - Arrivals

Refreshments will be provided courtesy of our Sponsors

09:00 - Welcome address

Eddie George, Founder & CEO, NewFinance

09:10 - Audience Mapping

A networking exercise to see which parts of the industry and technology are represented at the session

09:20 - What is The Gamification of Insurance

An introduction to Gamification, what is it, how could it impact conventional Insurance, how can it be used to disrupt the Insurance Industry, what new kinds of product or service does it make possible?

09:40 - Disruptive Demos

TBA but if you're interested in making a short demo or presentation please contact an Organiser

10:00 - Breakout Groups

We'll break into two roundtable sessions to identify the areas that are most likely to be disrupted by Gamification and then have a group debrief to combine our thoughts and ideas.

We'll facilitate this section with practical scenarios and the groups will be circulated halfway to ensure we maintain a good mix of Delegates at each table. 

12:00 - Learning and Reflection

We'll ask everyone to highlight their key learnings from the session, we'll scribe and video this section and produce a summary doc to share with Delegates and more widely within the NewFinance group

12:30 - Closing address

Recap, feedback shout-outs, future event details and final messages from Eddie and the NewFinance team

12:31 - Networking opportunities

Refreshments will be provided courtesy of our Sponsors

1:00pm - Workshop ends