thefuturestory- The Power of One

Event Info

Wed 15 Oct, 2014 from 9:15am - 2:00pm
RADA Studios
16 Chenies Street
London, WC1E 7EX, UK
Cost: Free


thefuturestory - The Power of One will bring you stimulating thinking and actionable ideas that will make your future story more compelling. Focusing on your power and personality, we will ensure that the ideas you take away place you at the heart of your organisation's engagement strategy.

The day will kick off with an introduction from award-winning business editor, Stuart Rock and then move onto presentations and interactive workshops from some truly insightful speakers.

Topics will include:

How to Influence Dr Rob Yeung is a psychologist, author and consultant in the fields of leadership, high achievement and performance. He works with business executives, sports people, entertainers and public figures as well as lecturing to students at universities and business schools, helping people achieve their goals. Rob will share findings from a decade of research that has identified ‘organisational savvy’ as a skill related to success in the workplace and demonstrate how we can develop that skill in ourselves to increase influence and personal impact.  

The Science of Happiness Psychologist, Rens Ter Weijde is the founder and CEO of The Energy Strategy, a company that helps people flourish through achieving personal wellbeing and happiness. Rens describes his playground as the area where psychology meets corporate strategy and culture and has worked in many sectors, including consulting, sports and retail. In a short taster session, he will share the latest science on what makes us feel and do well in life and will help you relate this knowledge to your personal and professional life.  

Discover your Authentic Voice With a degree in mathematics, Christine Mockford started her career in information technology and process engineering at Shell International and then found herself drawn towards the softer business skills when she saw how critical communication was to engaging employees and effecting change in an organisation.  She is a member of Toastmasters International and regularly runs workshops on speaking with confidence and giving effective feedback. She also coaches prospective speakers and mentors individuals in her local Toastmasters club. Christine will run a fun and interactive workshop on learning how to speak with confidence and find your natural authentic speaking voice.    We look forward to seeing you there!